Ranfac Provides Products with Unequaled Quality Assurance Levels

A quick conversation with any Ranfac employee – from floor personnel to owners – immediately reveals the immense pride and dedicated care we take in the quality of every product we build. Profits are continually reinvested in the company to acquire the best tools and the best people, ensuring each person meets these high standards every day. Ranfac's Quality Management System ensures these high standards are met and helps earn our customers' confidence.

At Ranfac, we pride ourselves on quality assurance that is second to none. Ranfac strives to build and maintain a best in class QMS, and we are constantly refining the system. The main challenge associated with this goal is to maintain our expertise in multiple types of processes. Of course, our quality assurance meets the requirements of ISO 13485 and 21 CFR 820, but we also have numerous customers with different systems and procedures of their own. That’s why we work to tailor our QMS to meet all of our customers’ requirements.

We do it through three core philosophies:

Design Procedures – Quality starts during the initial concept of a device. It’s easier and more cost effective to design a product correctly up front than to discover problems further down the line. That’s why we’ve grown our New Product Improvement Process (NPIP) to ensure products are made correctly from inception.

Ownership – We believe a QC inspector’s primary job should be to confirm a good product, instead of detecting defects. To be sure we make each of our products right the first time, we encourage individual technicians to take ownership of the quality of everything they produce.

Continuous Improvement – Management and the engineering team are constantly working to find better ways to process our products in order to minimize the risk of manufacturing a product that is outside of specifications.

At Ranfac, we know we have to be experts on multiple types of processes. Each of us must understand machining, cleaning, molding, assembly, packaging, and sterilization. We have a great management and engineering team, made up of members who have become experts in these areas. Since we have a better understanding how each process affects the next process, it becomes easier to make quick risk-based decisions. If a change is required, we know exactly what the adverse effects will be before any design work is completed. The benefit is that we control our own destiny.

Ranfac strives to provide quality products with customer service levels unequaled in the medical device manufacturing industry. We accomplish this through innovative problem-solving and action-oriented, effective continuous improvement. When you partner with Ranfac, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager to oversee each phase of the product development process. By offering these integrated solutions in house, we are able to better control quality, cost, and lead times. To learn more, visit ranfac.com/quality-assurance-1/ today.