Committed to Innovation

At Ranfac we help our partners design, develop, and manufacture some of the most innovative medical devices on the market today. To accomplish this, we have to be equally innovative with our tools and machines, utilizing only the most sophisticated and capable technology available. We’re constantly on the lookout for the next important advancement in equipment—after all, it’s no good helping our clients think big if we can’t turn that thinking into reality: a physical object or device, say, that will be used, in time, to save another human being’s life. 

A Machine Super Star

Ranfac is excited to introduce our newest piece of innovative equipment: the Citizen Cincom L20 XXII. With space for more than 20 tools in the tool zone, a sub-spindle capable of 360-cuts, and a 400-watt laser fitted on a programmable b-axis, this versatile machine will expand and improve our manufacturing capabilities and increase our manufacturing speed—the switch, for example, between the guide-bushing type and the guide-bushing-less type can be accomplished now in a simple operation. 

With the Citizen Cincom L20 XXII at our disposal, Ranfac is doing and offering its clients  more. Think burr-free cross holes, for instance, and other intricate procedures. To the lay audience, it may all sound like gobbledygook. But to an engineer, it’s a doorway to possibility—an invitation to innovate.

An Investment in Technology

Investing in technology is one of our company’s core values. The payoff comes in the form of greater accuracy, improved efficiency, and expanded capabilities. With the Citizen Cincom L20 XXII, operations that once required multiple primary and secondary maneuvers can now be completed in quick succession, or even simultaneously. Often a single heavy cut removes all the unnecessary material; chip-to-chip time is one second or less; and once the machine is set up and the bar stock placed in the bar loader, it can run for hours unattended. 

These are just a few of the Citizen Cincom’s unique capabilities. Add them all together and you get lower operational costs, which we’re pleased to pass on to our customers. 

Team Up with Ranfac

If you want to change the industry, you need a design and manufacturing partner who’s as committed to progress as you are. The Citizen Cincom L20 XXII is the latest embodiment of our company’s commitment to investing in equipment that will keep Ranfac on the cutting-edge (no pun intended!) of technology and innovation—and keep you there as well! 

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