Ranfac and Endocellutions: A Powerful and Productive Partnership

How is it that Ranfac was able to develop the patent pending MARROW CELLUTION™ Bone Marrow Harvesting System? This innovative tool is so effective that it can overcome the limitations of traditional bone marrow needles. With this product, it is now possible to harvest bone marrow so rich in key stem and progenitor cells that the aspirate may not even require centrifugation prior to application. 

Ranfac was able to develop this breakthrough thanks to a powerful partnership with Endocellutions.

A New Proprietary Bone Marrow Needle

Traditional needles produce excess peripheral blood contamination, which diminishes cellular yield. That means additional manipulation steps are needed to achieve the cellular demand necessary for most clinical indications. Ranfac partnered with Endocellulations, which designs novel medical devices used in regenerative medicine, to develop, manufacture, and successfully launch a new proprietary bone marrow needle designed to overcome the limitations of a traditional bone marrow needle in order to maximize the concentration of key stem and progenitor cells. The two companies are also developing future products together including more advancements to the Marrow Cellution technology and ways to make adipose (fat) processing more efficient for regenerative procedures.

The best business partnerships occur when businesses have complementary specialties. Ranfac has the expertise in specialty needle manufacturing and the ability to aid in the design of devices, gain regulatory approval, manufacture, and market the technology. Endocellulations has expertise in the science of bone marrow stem cells, and had the original idea for the technology. Further, Ranfac was willing to invest the time, effort, and money into the marketing and distribution of the technology. 

Ranfac already has a large market presence in the manufacturing of bone access needles, and Endocellulations was able to leverage their know-how in the manufacturing of such devices. An ideal partnership was born.

The Unparalleled Reputation of Ranfac

“Ranfac was the first group—and really only group—that we approached, because I knew that they had an unparalleled reputation for putting out a very high-quality product and also they have a completely integrated facility there,” explained Andrew McGillicuddy, CEO of Endocellutions.

Endocellutions reached out to Ranfac based on their knowledge of its capabilities to form a partnership. 

“They are recognized as being the best at their particular specialty,” McGillicuddy said. “They were the sole source; what makes their products unique is quality, innovation, and response time.” 

Endocellutions could rely on Ranfac to provide a single and trusted source for each stage of the development process. 

Building on Each Other’s Strengths

“I came to them with a deep understanding of the anatomy of marrow at a cellular level, the limitations of existing technology, and a way to simply address those limitations,” explained McGillicuddy. “Then from there, they took it through manufacturing regulatory product release. And then once the product was released we worked together.”

By working together, Ranfac and Endocellutions took advantage of each other's strengths.

“They have fully integrated factories,” McGillicuddy said, “and that's years of experience and tens of millions of dollars investment—and the people have years and years of experience. Those intangible assets and tangible assets are invaluable.”

In the end, this productive partnership has become more than the sum of its parts. It has led to the Marrow Cellution bone marrow aspiration device that uses patent(s) pending technology to harvest high-quality stem and progenitor cells from various levels within he marrow space, while limiting peripheral blood contamination, as well as the soon-to-be-launched adipose concentration kit.

About Endocellutions

Endocellutions operates at the interface of devices and biologics, developing innovative solutions to enable regenerative medicine. The company’s mission is to enable the regeneration of damaged tissue by providing robust, easy-to-use medical devices for accessing, processing, and delivering autologous, minimally manipulated tissues at point-of-care. 

About Ranfac

As an ISO 13485-certified medical device company, Ranfac offers integrated solutions for product design and development, manufacturing process development, regulatory approval, and single-source manufacturing. When you partner with Ranfac, you will work with a dedicated project manager to oversee each phase of the product development process. By offering these integrated solutions in-house, we are able to better control quality, cost, and lead times.