Ranfac’s Top Quality Precision Grinding Capabilities For Medical Devices

Success in the medical industry is all about confidence. Medical professionals need to be confident that the places, people, and tools they rely on can perform when it matters most. When lives are on the line, even the smallest mistake can have big consequences. 

One of the most important parts of any specialty needle or similar product is the level of manufacturing precision. Any components that have coarse surfaces, protrusions, or incorrect dimensions must be discarded because they could prove potentially ineffective or harmful. The variance allowed for these devices is extremely small, and getting the fabrication just right comes down to internal precision grinding capabilities.

Precision grinding refers to the manufacturing process by which metal parts with very limited tolerance are finished and given the correct geometries and orientation requirements. There are various ways to achieve this stage of the process, but many manufactures outsource the task because of the high degree of difficulty and specialty machinery required.

That’s why Ranfac has been the trusted partner for the manufacture of specialty needles for more than a century. There is no competitor than can match Ranfac’s experience or fabrication capabilities. Ranfac offers bulk grinding processes, as well as individual complex geometries and orientation requirements. In addition, Ranfac can handle wire and tubing sizes from small to large diameter. Our CNC hypodermic and orthopedic bone access needles grinding is the top in the industry.

Ranfac utilizes state-of-the art machinery to handle every aspect of the production process. Whether your product requires conventional precision grinding, electrochemical, or super abrasives, our team has the ability and experience to create a superior final result. Using LEAN manufacturing methodology we can produce both small and large volume batches with ease.
Ranfac is also one of the few companies who can handle every additional stage of the manufacturing and certification process. We specialize multiple point geometries for customized marrow aspiration and bone access needles. Ranfac offers a variety of options for custom BMA/AN fabrication.

These custom solutions may include: custom handle design, removable handle for better visibility and accuracy, ratcheting technology, fenestrations, multiple point geometries such as bevel, spade, or diamond tip, and custom sizes and lengths.

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