Orthobiologics Myths Debunked—Find Out the Truth in a New Video Series

Although you may be unaware, there are many myths and misinformation centered around orthobiologics. In this weekly video series Andrew McGillicudy, CEO of Endocellutions, debunks myths on the subject. He covers topics such as:

  • Are red cells a problem and do they need to be removed prior to application?

  • What is the difference between bone marrow and adipose?

  • What is a CFU?

  • What are all these markers such as CD34? Do you need to filter out the spicules?

  • Are the spicules a bad thing?

These informative and carefully curated videos will demonstrate all the answers.

Myth One: Cardiology research demonstrates red blood cells are negative to regenerative response.

In this video, you’ll receive clarity centered around red blood cells. This has been a topic of misunderstanding due to a handful of papers that researches have clung to which vilify red blood cells. The reality is that in that whole of cardiology research, there is no correlation suggesting that blood red cells prevent regeneration.

Andrew McGillicudy shared, “Red blood cells are denser and have an electrical charge, so in a centrifuge, they sink at 30 times the rate of platelets. Understanding the role of red blood cells and removing the erroneous definition that they hinder regeneration could lead to improved patient care.”

Find out the reality of red blood cells and regeneration by watching the video.

Thanks for watching and check back in each week for the next myth!