Marrow Cellution™ and A Functional Bone Matrix: The Power of Synergy


Bone marrow is the soft tissue inside bones that helps form blood cells. It is found in the hollow, most protected part of bones—a preferential status that reflects the crucial role these cells play in the survival of organisms. Bone marrow aspiration (BMA) is the removal of a small amount of this tissue in liquid form. Several studies show BMA alone or BMA used in conjunction with autograft can influence new bone formation. 

Hostile hypoxic damaged tissue environments are created in response to trauma, but stem cells from marrow make their home and thrive in these environments, and can orchestrate the tissue regeneration process. By capturing all of the nucleated cells through proper marrow aspiration, physicians can maintain the same relative proportion of cells that naturally aggregate at the defect site. And because the marrow’s living cells are resident in the harvested bone, autograft can exactly mimic and supplement the natural process when transplanted. 

Simply said, properly aspirating marrow, then appropriately administering the cells can significantly enhance and mimic the body’s own natural healing process. Read this article from Ranfac to learn more.

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