Ranfac in New Orleans for AAOS Booth #3526

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) will hold their annual meeting March 6-10 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ranfac Corporation is excited to be among the many distinguished participants at this year’s event.

Ranfac will be in booth 3526, showcasing our Marrow Cellution™ Bone Marrow Aspiration and Bone Graft Harvesting Systems as well as other innovative tools and accessories for accessing, harvesting, and processing autologous tissues at Point-of-Care. Also on display will be our new LIPO-PRO™ adipose processing system for high-density fat grafting.

The Marrow Cellution systems allow a surgeon to harvest high concentrations of stem and progenitor cells using our proprietary device that limits the infiltration of peripheral blood and requires no further processing, such as centrifugation. With the Marrow Cellution™ bone core device, the user can combine the high cellular aspirate with percutaneously harvested bone dowels, giving a surgeon all the benefits of autograft without the associated morbidity.

The LIPO-PRO™ adipose processing system uses a unique method to separate the desirable high-density fat from low-density fat. In addition, it captures a High Density Cellular Fraction (HDCF) from the infranatant. With in-process filtration, the fat graft can then be injected through a small gauge needle without the need for further filtration or emulsification.

We look forward to meeting you in booth 3526 this week and demonstrating the benefits of our Marrow Cellution and LIPO-PRO systems.

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