Myth Seven: A look at more myths from the podium

In the final video, myths from different presentations are held under the microscope relating to bone marrow aspiration, stem cells, and orthobiologics. Questions answered include:

  • Does small volume aspiration increase other cells or platelets?

  • Can you get rid of red blood cells in the end product if you don’t aspirate?

  • Does bone marrow aspirate remove clots, red cells, debris, or fat from the marrow?

Spoiler alert—the answer is no to all of these questions. “There’s too big of an overlap,” Andrew said in relation to if you can remove red blood cells in the end product. Andrew also addresses if cells from cord blood tissue are more vibrant. “Transplantation of cord blood cells with no immune conditioning results in an inflammatory response and rejection.”

Learn about more myths debunked from watching the video.

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