A Legacy That Will Last: Saying Farewell to Bob Adler

Since 1984, Bob Adler served as Ranfac’s owner and president—titles previously held by his father, Herbert, who passed away in that same year. Circumstances were not always on his side, but after every bump in the road (of which there were many), he always persevered. This is clearly evidenced in what Bob considered his real life’s work—Ranfac. Bob grew the company from a tiny medical device manufacturing company to the state-of-the art facility it is today. At Ranfac, we like to trace our roots back to 1888, and we’re proud of that history. But truly, Ranfac—what it is today and where it will be tomorrow—began when Bob took the reins 35 years ago. 

Bob cared deeply for his employees on a very personal level, and always shared in the success of the business. Whether it was tickets to sporting events or clam bakes and barbeques, Bob wanted every employee to know how much he appreciated their loyalty. Bob was also very proud to be ahead of the curve when politicians began to call for a $15 minimum wage over the last few years. He’d already begun that standard at Ranfac over a decade ago, and prior to his passing, had recently upped the minimum starting wage at the company to an even higher level. 

At Ranfac, Bob Adler was a leader and visionary, but most of all, he was an amazing friend, husband, father and grandfather. While he will be sincerely missed, there is no doubt his legacy will continue to drive Ranfac to new heights in the years to come.