Customized BMA/AN Needles

Ranfac offers a variety of options for custom BMA/AN fabrication.  These custom solutions may include:

  • Custom Handle Design
  • Removable Handle for Better Visibility and Accuracy (See below)
  • Ratcheting Technology
  • Fenestrations
  • Multiple Point Geometries such as Bevel, Spade, or Diamond Tip
  • Custom sizes and lengths




Removable Handle

Configured to improve precision and performance during needle positioning and withdrawal, the Removable Handle provides better visibility and accuracy while under fluoroscopic guidance since it eliminates obstructed vision previously caused by the needle’s handle.

The technology uses a specially designed “door” on the needle’s handle, which may be opened after the needle has been introduced to the body and the stylet has been removed. By opening the “door” on the handle, the handle becomes detachable from the cannula. The handle can be quickly replaced as well by closing the “door.”