Bone Marrow Biopsy/Aspiration Procedure Tray

This double-stack tray offers convenience, safety and optimal procedure performance. It includes prepping and draping componentry as well as anesthetic and procedural products. The sterile tray helps eliminate the risk of contamination.  
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Custom Bone Marrow/Aspiration Procedure Trays*

To design your own bone marrow biopsy and/or aspiration procedure tray, please use the form below or contact us directly.  Once you design your custom tray configuration, Ranfac will contact you with a quote and estimated lead time. 

*Minimum purchase 100 Trays

Chose which style bone marrow needle you require.
Select Gauge Size and Length of Needle
Include Aspiration Needle? *
Tray may come equipped with a 15 Gauge x 2.8" Aspiration Needle. Aspiration may also be drawn directly from Bone Marrow Needle.
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Select Which Syringes to Include In Tray *
If you require multiple syringes of any given size, please mention so in 'Additional Comments'
Non-Woven, 3" x 3" 4-Ply
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Lidocaine, 1%, 5mL Lidocaine, 2%, 10mL Swabsticks, alcohol, 1-pack Swabsticks, alcohol, 3-pack Swabsticks, 10% PVP SOL, 3'S