Ranfac's line of minimally invasive surgical products are sold through our world-wide distribution network. To be put in touch with the appropriate sales representative, please contact us.

Catalog # Part # Description
RSG-14 76001-01M Puncture Closure Device
LAP-13 68011-01M Cholangiography Cather (Port Access)
XL-11 68012-01M Cholangiography Catheter (Percutaneous Access)
ORC-B 68010-01M Cholangiography Catheter (Open Technique)
PIN-15 75010-01M Percutaneous Introducer Needle
IN-12 68017-01M Insufflation Needle (12cm)
IN-15 69017-02M Insufflation Needle (15cm)
KPL-4 24001-01M Knot Pusher Ligator (4mm x 14.5")
KPL-4L 24003-1M Knot Pusher Ligator (4mm x 18")