Autologous Bone Marrow Aspiration & Bone Graft Harvesting

The Marrow Cellution™ bone marrow aspiration device uses its patent(s) pending technology to harvest high quality stem & progenitor cells from various levels within the marrow space, while limiting peripheral blood contamination. 

A system that combines the high cellular composition of Marrow Cellution™ bone marrow aspirate with percutaneously harvested bone dowel(s) to deliver the gold standard of autograft without the associated morbidity.


A collection of white papers and presentations.  None of the clinicians that have contributed samples or written white papers have or has had any financial conflict of interest regarding Marrow Cellution™ or Ranfac Corp.


Marrow Cellution™ tips & techniques as well as procedural presentations, concepts and frequently asked questions.  However, our best resource is our experienced representatives.  Please contact us to set up an on site consultation.  

How it works...


Overcoming the limations of traditional trocar Needles...

MARROW CELLUTION™ maximizes stem & progenitor cell recovery while minimizing peripheral blood infiltration.  Because fluid under force follow the path of least resistance, traditional trocar needles with side ports aspirate primarily through the distal end of the cannula.  This leads to excessive blood collection, requiring additional manipulation (i.e. centrifugation or chemical separation in a laboratory).

MARROW CELLUTION™ accesses aspirate flow collected exclusively laterally as the tip of the aspiration cannula is closed, allowing marrow collection perpendicular to and around the channel created by the device.  It incorporates technology to precisely reposition the harvesting cannula within the marrow space after each aspiration.  These features achieve a clinicians' desire for a single entry point. 


A traditional trocar needle aspirates primarily peripheral blood.

MARROW CELLUTION™ aspirates from multiple geographies while limiting peripheral blood collection.

MARROW CELLUTION™ Percutaneous Graft Collection

May Be Combined with Allogeneic, Autologous or Synthetic Bone Chips Hydrated with Marrow Cellution™ Aspirate

Produces Autologous Cancellous Graft Material with Osteoconductive, Osteoinductive & Osteogenic Properties

Minimially Invasive Cancellous Bone Extraction Technique


Minimally Invasive Bone Grafts

Vascularized and cancellous autograft shows optimal skeletal incorporation but is limited by morbidity concerns (3).

Using the MARROW CELLUTION™ Bone Core Device, the clinician can create a combination graft of a vascularized intact bone core in the center of the graft surrounded by allogeneic, autologous or synthetic bone chips hydrated with cellular marrow aspirate. 

Higher quality, less quantity, delivered appropriately minimizes host morbidity.

Intact Bone Cores vs. Morselized Bone.

Harvesting intact cancellous bone cores without disrupting the highly-organized living tissue is superior to transplanting pieces of bone.  Intact grafts maintain the micro-vascular network within the graft, promoting bone callus formation/remodeling and do not exhibit extensive resorption. (1,2)

Intact bone exploits the biology of normal fracture healing rather than through slow creeping substitution associated with the slow incorporation of a non-vascularized graft. (1)

Research demonstrates the enhanced surivival of a bone graft as long as its primary blood supply is preserved.  A living bone graft will shorten the time for bony onion because the reconstructed bone is comparable to a bone with a double fracture. (1,2)

Allogeneic or synthetic bone chips hydrated with marrow can be packed around the living bone graft/core to accelerate anastomosis into the graft and minimize morbidity. (1,2)


1) Bleuming SA, He XC, Kodach LL, Hardwick JC, Koopman FA, Ten Kate FJ, van Deventer SJ, Hommes DW, Peppelenbosch MP, Offerhaus GJ, Li L, van den Brink GR (Sep 2007). "Bone morphogenetic protein signaling suppresses tumorigenesis at gastric epithelial transition zones in mice". Cancer Research. 67 (17): 8149–55.

2) Ostrup et al Distant transfer of a free, living bone graft by micro-vascular anastomoses. An experimental study. Plast Reconstr. Surg. 1974 Sep; 54(3): 274-85

3) Taylor G The Free Vascularized Bone Graft: A Clinical Extension of Microvascular Techniques Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery May 1975 volume 55 Issue 5 ppg 533-544

Scientific Resources


These analyses explore sets of bone marrow aspirate samples that were collected during surgery from bilateral iliac crest draws with different BMAC Systems and the Marrow Cellution™ System, each being randomly assigned to one iliac crest.   


Marrow Cellution Bone Marrow Aspiration System and Related Concentrations of Stem and Progenitor Cells.  (Click here for updated data set).

Novel Technology to Increase Concentrations of Stem and Progenitor Cells in Marrow Aspiration.

An in depth look at the scientific background, features and data comparison.

Dr. Scarpone compares the Marrow Cellution techinque to centrifugation and presents his data.

Procedure Resources

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Brochure: Includes step by step instructions for bone marrow aspirate and percutaneous bone graft collection, Marrow Cellution tips and techniques and more...

Marrow Cellution and a Functional Matrix:  The Power of Synergy

Bone Graft Procedure: For Oral Maxiofacial Surgical Bone Defect with One Year Follow Up CT Scan

Sub-chondral Bone Augmentation: Osteo-Core-PlastyA concept that provides both Biologic and Structural components for an optimized environment for regeneration.


Technique guides and procedural concepts should not be substituted for independent professional judgment of the health care provider.



Training Opportunities

Opportunities for training on the Marrow Cellution technology for a range of therapeutic uses may be available through:

Ultrasound Training, LLC (Video Tutorials)

Boston Biolife

Regenerative Medicine Training Institute

For Bone Marrow Aspirate

Catalog #

Part #


MC-RAN-13C 74291-01M 13 Gauge x 3.5" Introducer Needle
13 Gauge Blunt Stylet
17 Gauge Aspiration Cannula
10 mL Syringe
MC-RAN-11C 74219-06M 11 Gauge x 3.5" Introducer Needle
11 Gauge Blunt Stylet
14 Gauge Aspiration Cannula
10 mL Syringe
(Extra Length)
74219-07M 11 Gauge x 4.5" Introducer Needle
11 Gauge Blunt Stylet
14 Gauge Aspiration Cannula
10 mL Syringe

For Bone Marrow Aspirate + Percutaneous Cancellous Bone Harvesting

Catalog #

Part #


MC-RAN-13A 74293-01M Includes all MC-RAN-13C components
8 Gauge x 4" Swaged Tip Introducer Needle
Measurement Probe
Cancellous Bone Dowel Extraction Tool
MC-RAN-8C 74266-01M Includes all MC-RAN-11C components
8 Gauge x 4" Swaged Tip Introducer Needle
Measurement Probe
Cancellous Bone Dowel Extraction Tool
(Extra Length)
74266-04M Includes all MC-RAN-11CSTS components
8 Gauge x 6" Swaged Tip Introducer Needle
Measurement Probe
Cancellous Bone Extraction Tool



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