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Catalog # Part # Description
GIU-30 68008-05M Galactography Infusion Unit (30 Gauge)
GIU-31 68008-06M Galactography Infusion Unit (31 Gauge)
30G-END 68008-03M Galactography Infusion Endport (30 Gauge)
31G-END 68008-07M Galactography Infusion Endport (31 Gauge)
SBS-5 60004-01M Sadowski Breast Marking System (5cm)
SBS-7.5 60004-03M Sadowski Breast Marking System (7.5cm)
SBS-10 60004-02M Sadowski Breast Marking System (10cm)
SC-3CM 60001-01M Stiffening Cannula (3cm)
SC-4CM 60001-02M Stiffening Cannula (4cm)
SC-5CM 60001-03M Stiffening Cannula (5cm)
SC-6CM 60001-04M Stiffening Cannula (6cm)
SC-7CM 60001-05M Stiffening Cannula (7cm)
SC-8CM 60001-06M Stiffening Cannula (8cm)
SC-9CM 60001-07M Stiffening Cannula (9cm)