Recently, Dr. Buford performed a 'head to head' analysis of Marrow Cellution vs. his centrifugation protocol using the Celling technology centrifuge system.  In his analysis he claimed to have a 3.5x higher CFU concentration with his technique against Marrow Cellution.   The results of his technique (Aspirate and Concentration) posted by Dr. Buford on LinkedIn are shown in the following table.  

Sample 1

Description Volume mL CFU-f per mL Total Available
Aspirate 55 192 10,560
Concentrate 8 1,427 11,416
Percent Recovery 108%

Sample 2

Description Aspirate CFU-f per mL Total Available
Aspirate 55 200 11,000
Concentrate 8 1,628 13,024
Percent Recovery 118%

Please note that his recovery of cfu-f is greater than 100%! 

This is mathematically impossible and means he made a sampling error.  Please review the paper from HSS (Hedge et al) that showed the highest average CFU-f recovery was 57% and was for the Harvest system.  Please see comparison paper performed independently by Harvard Univ. that compared Celling (centrifuge system used Dr. Buford and for whom he consults) and Harvest that showed the recovery of the Celling system was half that of Harvest.  Please also review paper that shows that Megakaryocyte CFU-f are often found in the red cell layer after centrifugation.  Frankly, Dr. Buford’s numbers do not add up and are not consistent with independent work done by others that show a different result.