Single Source Manufacturing

Ranfac offers a Vertically Integrated Manufacturing Solution, from raw material to sterile packaging all under one roof. For a more detailed introduction to our capabilities, please click on the area of interest below.

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Primary Operations

We offer “Lights Out” manufacturing with Robotic Secondary Operations including Insert Molding, Laser Stent Cutters, Injection Molding, CNC Swiss Screw Machining (with integrated laser cutter!), Spring Forming & CNC Tool & Post Needle Grinding. We offer semi-automatic burr free cut-off machines.

Pointed Products
We offer the most advanced technologies available on the market for pointing utilizing robotics, batch process and CNC motion controls. In 2018, Ranfac commissioned a start of the art Electrolytic Needle grinder that produces burr free grinds with no need for secondary operations.

Pointed products are run through a needle grinding manufacturing cells that consist of Electrolytic and Abrasive Saws. We offer state of the art CNC Hypodermic and Orthopaedic Needle Grinding in bulk needle grinding processes as well as individual complex geometries with orientation requirements. We employ numerous grinding technologies from Conventional to Electrolytic to Superabrasives.

Secondary Operations

  • Electrochemical Grinding: for burr free, stress free cuts for slots, flats and some pointed products.
  • Buffing: to brighten blend and/or smooth a rounded surface or for deburring.
  • Electropolishing: for passivation and brightening of stainless steel surfaces.
  • Coining: to flatten parts for insert molding.
  • Blasting: to roughen surfaces for mold or glue adhesion.
  • CNC & Manual Lathe and Machining Centers for secondary machining.
  • Joining Operations

    In 2019, Ranfac added an Advanced Laser Welder that employs an integrated vision system to detect variation in part size to auto-adjust weld program to fit the part. It also employs a data logging feature that records process parameters of each part within a lot (not traceable to individual parts).
    We have many different joining operations performed in manufacturing as well as assembly. Laser welding is our primary joining method for stainless steel but we also have extensive knowledge with TIG Welding as well as brazing, which are essential in some applications. Gluing is performed on many different products we run a variety of hand assembled gluing operations to fixtured parts with metered glue guns.

    Cleaning, Passivation & Descaling

    Our cleaning & passivation line is fully validated per ASTM A967. They are tested in accordance with ASTM F2459 Gravimetric Analysis and forced Inoculation of CFU and subsequent Bioburden Testing.We employ ultrasonic cleaning methods using common types of acidic, neutral and alkaline cleaners along with neutralizers and triple cascading deionized water rinsing and heated HEPA filtered dryers. We offer descaling and passivation to bolster the formation of Chromium Oxide on stainless steel, and to remove manufacturing process oxides. We clean assemblies and mitigate risks of entrapped spaces which can lead to unwanted residues on parts.

    Plastic Molding

    In-house molding is offered for both Injection and Insert Molding. We feature an assortment of standard mold tools including luer lock, stylet and cannula handles. This greatly reduces the cost and time to develop a new product. We also have in-house tool making to build custom tooling if a particular shape or geometry is required. We follow a scientific molding method to validate our molded parts.

    Clean Room Assembly & Packaging

    We offer permanent Certified Clean Rooms in both Class 10,000 and Class 100,000 which we perform Assembly, Molding, Final Cleaning (Final Cleaning is not certified at this time) and Sterile Packaging within. Our assembly processes include Solvent Bonding, Gluing, Heat Staking, Pad Printing, Crimping, Laser Welding and Mechanical Assembly.

    Operations and Inventory Management

    Ranfac utilizes the latest in ERP software to manage production planning & scheduling. Our on time delivery is second to none as is our ability to expedite new or existing product orders. We have numerous options for various types of blanket order, KAN BAN or inventory stocking of your products.