Semi-Automatic Soft Tissue Biopsy Needles

Ranfac biopsy needles are recognized for maintaining the integrity of the specimen and providing a safe, simple way to automatically obtain percutaneous or surgical histological specimens with greater success and less chance of lacerations and fragmentation, even from close tissue.


  • Semi-Automatic
  • Simple, One-Handed Operation
  • Self-Supporting for CT
  • Sharp, Beveled Point on Stylet Permits Fast, Easy Penetration
  • No Risk of Losing Specimen
  • Largest Specimen Notch
  • Echogenic Tip/CM Markings Intact Core Tissue Sample
  • Eliminates Costly, Time-consuming Clean-Up
  • Packaged Sterile Disposable in Boxes of 10 Units
  • Stylet does not move upon firing.

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