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The Industry’s Most Scalable Medical Device Production

Ranfac has the long-standing expertise and in-house flexibility required to meet the evolving needs of healthcare innovators delivering top-quality solutions.


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As a blue-chip OEM and contract medical manufacturer, Ranfac has perfected the device development process to repeatedly produce industry-leading products with proven reliability, quality, and expertise. Schedule a demo to learn how Ranfac’s streamlined approach to medical product development can maximize your investment with:

Customized design and development

Strategic cost management

In-house regulatory filing

Cloud-based quality management

Low minimum order quantities

Six Steps to Success

We take hundreds of thousands of devices from concept to market each year. Our tried-and-true medical device manufacturing process adapts to meet the unique needs of each customer. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large corporation, our scalable production delivers the much-needed expertise and decades of experience to keep your device at the forefront of the industry.







Optimize Your Product Development

Ranfac’s single source production of medical equipment houses quality, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain under one roof to expedite your time to launch. 


Need Help With Regulatory Filing?

Our certified in-house regulatory experts oversee every step of compliance documentation and regulatory submissions to ensure every device obtains the necessary clearances prior to launch.

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“Ranfac has supplied my company for over twenty years. We have developed a number of new products together and overcame many manufacturing and supplier issues over the years. It was always teamwork to resolve whatever challenge we incurred - no finger pointing or negotiation. It is so refreshing to share open discussions with the Ranfac team to provide quality solutions to our customers. Of course, Ranfac COO, Barry Zimble, was always actively involved as the quarterback for the Ranfac team. He's always been realistic, pragmatic and candid as we worked through our challenges. His integrity is beyond reproach. If he commits his team to a goal, you can count on them.Over the years, Ranfac has continually re-invested in their equipment, facilities and their people. When I chose Ranfac as our primary supplier, it was one of the best business decisions that I ever made.”


CEO / Owner ProAct, Ltd.


Interested in Learning More?

Schedule a call to learn how Ranfac can streamline and simplify device production for your organization.

Ranfac_Logo Concepts-02_2x.png
Single Source High-Mix Medical Device Manufacturing for Scaled Production
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