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Ranfac Breast Marking System 


Galactography Infusion Unit (31 Gauge)68008-06M

Galactography Infusion Endport (31 Gauge)68008-07M

Ranfac Galactography Infusion Units –

Curved GIU-31Gauge  or Straight 31G-END 31 Gauge

Galactography is a very important technique to guide successful surgery and minimize the amount of tissue removed. 

Ranfac Breast Marking System (5cm)60004-01M

Ranfac Breast Marking System (10cm)60004-02M

Stiffening Cannula (4cm)60001-02M

Stiffening Cannula (5cm)60001-03M

Stiffening Cannula (6cm)60001-04M

How it works


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