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Ranfac’s focus on Class I and II single use devices combined with over a century of experience provides a unique relationship to our customers. No matter the size of your company or the scope of your project, you will be able to take advantage of Ranfac’s highly automated, flexible manufacturing platform, which allows us to scale production volumes from the needs of a small startup to the demands of a blue-chip OEM. Within our Avon, Massachusetts facility you will find full source capabilities through each stage of production – from the machining of raw materials through the assembly and packaging of sterile product.  Having full in-house control over the operation assures the quality and efficiency that your product requires.
Single Source High-Mix Medical Device Manufacturing for Scaled Production
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Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)
Ranfac offers a tried and true 4-phase development platform to bring your custom or private labeled medical device through regulatory and to market utilizing our cloud-based quality system and manufactured under one roof in our Avon, MA facility.   
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Contract Manufacturing 
Ranfac is experienced operating under the most stringent quality standards of multiple blue chip medical device companies who rely on Ranfac for our product expertise, vertically integrated platform, and the ability to scale production.  
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Ranfac Products 
Ranfac offers a range of minimally invasive, hypodermic based medical devices for specialized applications across multiple therapeutic categories including Spine, Orthobiologics, General Surgery, Hematology and Radiology.  


All new projects begin with a sit-down with Ranfac’s senior leadership.  Here, we can get to know each other and determine if there is mutual interest in partnering.  By having a clear understanding of your needs, we will determine the best solutions to get your product to market as efficiently as possible. Every device has its own unique challenges. That’s why Ranfac does not operate under a one-size-fits-all model.  



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Health Beacons, a virtual medical device development company, came up with the idea for a device in 2015, to deploy a miniature radio frequency identification (RFID) Tag for a wire-free breast lesion guidance system. The purpose of this invention was to change the traditional process of using a localization wire for breast lesion marking.  


Cervos Medical is a joint venture between Ranfac and Endocellutions that specializes in harvesting and processing autologous tissues for the purpose of concentrating and accelerating the healing potential. 


Without Ranfac, I would have failed. Failed to change a process that was affecting women negatively all around the world. Ranfacʼs COO, Barry Zimble, knew the importance of this. He knew the initial process as they were already working in this space, he could use the names of the original inventors but he understood the importance of changing the manufacturing. It was their deep experience in this field that was a really important reason to go for Ranfac. Bringing a new device is a journey and it is not a straight line, you canʼt plan everything and have it all to fall in line. It is a very bumpy process, and Ranfac really was there for us with every one of these bumps. They really stuck with us and were very creative with the solution to get us back on track. We kept throwing curveballs at them and they were incredibly resilient.
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CEO, Health Beacons (Acquired by Hologic)
Ranfac has supplied my company for over twenty years. We have developed a number of new products together and overcame many manufacturing and supplier issues over the years. It was always teamwork to resolve whatever challenge we incurred - no finger pointing or negotiation. It is so refreshing to share open discussions with the Ranfac team to provide quality solutions to our customers. Of course, Ranfac CO ,Barry Zimble, was always actively involved as the quarterback for the Ranfac team. He's always been realistic, pragmatic and candid as we worked through our challenges. His integrity is beyond reproach. If he commits his team to a goal, you can count on them.Over the years, Ranfac has continually re-invested in their equipment, facilities and their people. When I chose Ranfac as our primary supplier, it was one of the best business decisions that I ever made.
CEO/ Owner ProAct, Ltd.
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